The Wild West of Tair

Session 1

A group of disparate individuals all found themselves seeking an audience with the honorable Lord Alsaib, Governer of Volebret. Each of them had very different requests and found varying success in attaining what they requested. However, during the court session, two mysterious female mages mesmerized everyone in attendance then charmed Captain Thrusk, who then brutally murdered Lord Alsaib, his long-time friend and master. The only witness was Glittersox, the always fashionable gnome tinkerer, who was able to shake off the effects of the mesmerization in time to see the mages do their evil deeds. The mages got away through the cunning use of their sorceries. Captain Thrusk, grief stricken, was imprisoned until it can be proved that he was in fact enchanted and not a willing participant in this plot. Franklin, a representative of the College of Magery, did his best to glean whatever evidence he could that was left over in the weave of magic. While what he did find was useful; he, the school, and Captain Thrusk are all still under suspicion.

Fayne (sp?) a socially inept half-elf, using her preternatural perception, found an ominous dagger left behind by the mages. She attempted to leave with the dagger but was unable to sneak away before being noticed by the guards. The dagger was confiscated by the guards and found its way to Steward Brannet.

Sicarion, feeling dejected by his unsuccessful attempt to to get easy money from Alsaib, left court before the murder. He later met up with his long-time friend and self-proclaimed brother Giles “The Gentleman Bastard”, who was at court as well. After Giles’ failed attempts at getting information about local alchemists from the shop keepers, They notice Fayne being harassed by a large barbarian. Sicarion goes to the rescue and successfully sends the beast on the trail of another female. He then agrees to help her find the murderers of her mentor, which was last seen going into the Bosfus Forest south of Volebret.

Before leaving town to help Fayne, they decide to go to the College of Magery for one last attempt to get the information that Giles needs for his collection/audit/recruitment campaign he’s on for the Alchemists Guild. Upon entering they see Franklin speaking eagerly with Glittersox about her eyewitness account of the mages. All of them begin discussing the events as Franklin attempts to gain their assistance in getting at the dagger that Fayne found. Just as they’re about to formulate an elaborate plan to infiltrate the governer’s mansion, Steward Brannet walks in with an entourage of guards and presents the dagger, stating that he has absolutely no idea what to do with this thing or how to get any info about it.

The dagger is crudely wrought of amber and has a worm encased in it. With the combined first hand knowledge of Fain and Franklin’s arcane knowledge (bolstered by a ritual of identification), they determine that daggers of this sort are typically used by Bog Hags for ritual purposes. This particular arcane focus is used for spells of illusion yet strangely has some fiendish energies left over on it that doesn’t seem to fit with the hedge magics of hags. Fain knows of a coven of hags that make their home in the swamps surrounding the port town of Serlota. The group agrees that seeking out these hags seems like a logical way to go.

Brannet is grateful for their help in bringing justice to the mages behind this heinous crime. He beseeches the adventurers to help out further by finding out the source of the hostile flora at the farms, because the city can’t function without food. He promises great reward if they are able to help out with this and get the farmers back to work. Also, since they’re going to the forest, perhaps they can hunt some wildlife to bring some meat back for the barbarian refugees, since that seems to be the only thing they want to eat. Due to the wily appeals of Sicarion, he agrees to pay each of them 30 gp a piece up front. For the promise of gold, magic lore, and vengeance; the crew make an alliance and decide to head south to investigate both the strange happenings at the farms and the murder of Fayne’s mentor.

On the road in the early evening just after dusk, they are attacked by a pack of wolves. With blades whirling, magic sizzling, bolts flying, and Fain falling out of a tree, the group make short work of the smaller wolves. The pack leader attempts a sneak attack on Sicarion and draws blood at his throat. After being weakened by Sicarion’s blade strikes, Giles’ masterful crossbow work, and Franklin’s fireballs, Fain spits the dirt out of her mouth and pounds the dire wolf’s head into the ground for the killing blow. The group then decides to set up camp and rest for the night.

Meanwhile, Glittersox is engrossed in the books at the College of Magery and barely notices that everyone left. Once she does, she begins running to catch up with the rest of the group. While resting, the group has an ominous feeling of being watched….



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