The Wild West of Tair - Session 1.5

The excitement continues with the entire party going back to Volebret!

Upon waking up at camp the next morning, Sicarion’s wolf bite on his neck looked really infected, so everyone decided it was best to head back to town and seek a healer.

While Sicarion is getting patched up, everyone else mills about town. What new developments do they find? Perhaps there’s more adventurers willing to aid them in their travels? Maybe there’s some good ale in the tavern? What’s that obtuse barbarian up to these days? Was that a giant rat just hanging out on the street corner in the middle of the day?

These questions and more will be answered during our next session.

Speaking of the next session, when is everyone free? Anyone open for a weeknight? This weekend probably isn’t going to work for me. Let me know what your schedule’s look like and we’ll come up with something.



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